Republic of Indonesia Voluntary National Review 2017

Republic of Indonesia Voluntary National Review 2017
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The 2017 VNR reports 7 (seven) goals, includes poverty, hunger, health, gender, industry, innovation, and infrastructure, life below water, and partnership to achieve goals. Indonesia has mapped out and analyzed the correlation among 7 (seven) goals reported to the 2017 VNR, based on their impact to poverty reduction and welfare improvement. There are 2 (two) main aspects to reduce poverty and improve welfare: (1) Improve quality of human resources, and (2) Enhance economic opportunity and sustainable livelihood. Improving the quality of human resources focuses on achievements in the Health sector (Goal 3), Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture (Goal 2), and Education (Goal 4). Although education is not one at the goals reported in 2017 VNR, it is nevertheless important for and closely related with poverty alleviation efforts. Additionally, improving economic opportunities for sustainable livelihoods is achieved through increased efforts in the industrial sector, innovation and infrastructure (Goal 9) as well as sustainable use and conservation marine ecosystem (Goal 14). The two main aspects can be achieved with the support of enabling factors, including gender (Goal 5), partnerships in various sectors, data, and sustainable financing (Goal 17).

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