Latvia Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals 2018

Latvia Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals 2018
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Latvia’s Voluntary National Review (Review) is based on two processes completed in 2017: 1) a mapping of the SDGs at the target level with Latvian policy, with the participation of all ministries and 2) the Mid-Term Impact Assessment of the National Development Plan 2020 that also tracks progress towards Latvia 2030. The impact assessment describes the degree of progress toward achieving development goals and provides insight into challenges that will require crucial decision making in the future. The higher the needs in relation to the resources available to solve them, the more frequently decisions require not only courage to address them, but also the wisdom and political willingness to choose between contending priorities. This Review introduces Latvia’s approach to achieving the SDGs, emphasizing that it is not only environmental resources that are finite. Resources available to society and governments, too, are finite. Therefore, contributions toward achieving sustainability by different stakeholders and the readiness of each individual to defend the rights of future generations are pivotal for successful outcomes

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