The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals: Namibia Voluntary National Review, 2018

Namibia, Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals Voluntary National Review 2018
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The VNR demonstrates Namibia’s commitment towards the localized implementation of the SDGs. This commitment is reflected in the processes that the country has undertaken to ensure full integration of the SDGs into the developmental documents; particularly Namibia’s Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5). An extensive campaign was undertaken to sensitize the Namibian community on both the SDGs and Agenda 2063 and the need to make them relevant to the country. In terms of monitoring and evaluating the implementation process of the SDGs, existing national structures are utilised to ensure harmonised reporting and accountability in order to avoid parallel processes. A baseline report was compiled to provide data on the status of the SDGs’ indicators which allowed Namibia to report on progress made. Furthermore, Namibia is committed to complete the development of the National Indicator Framework in order to provide key meta-data on all the indicators to be used in the monitoring and reporting thereof. The 2018 VNR reflects the progress which Namibia has made by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) completion period 2015 and the initial implementation of SDGs in 2016/2017. The 2018 VNR also highlights the milestones, challenges, mitigating strategies and targets set by Namibia, as reflected in the country’s current developmental priorities.

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