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As was the case with the first voluntary review report in 2019, Kuwait has opted for a Whole-of-Nation Approach (WNA) in the preparation of VNR2. The aim was to enable a range of national actors and stakeholders at the public, private, the academic and civil society levels, to participate in the Review process and to report on their respective achievements, ongoing programmes, as well as the challenges being confronted; making Kuwait’s VNR2 a true national report. Through a well-researched and well-documented account, Kuwait’s second VNR has provided an authoritative record of many significant accomplishments made so far, and outlined the remaining challenges under the cross section of the goals and targets. It has depicted and portrayed with robust and itemised data and substantiation, Kuwait’s unrelenting policy and institutional efforts in diligently pursuing implementation of all Goals and Targets, in spite of the many challenges, including the adverse effects of COVID-19.

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