Overcoming Population Vulnerability to Water Scarcity in the Arab Region: Population and Development Report Issue No. 7

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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a cross-thematic agenda that offers a unique opportunity to approach the issue of water scarcity in an integrated way. In this context, the Population and Development Report No. 7 looks at the nexus between water scarcity and population dynamics and advocates the development of integrated sustainable development policies fully incorporating population dynamics as a means to overcome vulnerability to water scarcity and ensure human well-being for all.

It stresses the urgency of a people-centred approach to development policies that support the resilience-building efforts of specific sociodemographic groups whose vulnerability is developed or exacerbated in the context of increasing water scarcity. The report also offers a range of measures to reinforce resilience and improve the adaptive capacity of the groups most vulnerable to water scarcity in the Arab region.

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