Iraq's 2019 Voluntary National Review (VNR)

Iraq's 2019 Voluntary National Review (VNR)
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This report on Iraq' 2019 Voluntary National Review meets the Sustainable Development Goals and acts as a declaration that Iraq has continuously resumed attempts to return to the global scene, as a strong and healthy nation which enjoys security and peace and aspires to achieve sustainable development equitably among all categories and areas without any marginalization or exclusion. Therefore, the VNR will be based on the national vision for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which forms the basis for the development efforts in this review.

Therefore, this VNR, which was presented at the High-Level Political Forum, showcased the experience of a strong nation which chose life and development and relied on its people despite the hardships they went through; and just emerged from a vicious conflict with terrorism, a nation which never stopped aspiring to sustainable development even during war and its noise; a nation which shows determination and ambition despite realizing that sustainable development requires exceptional efforts to achieve the needed balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions and protecting the rights of all people and the future of coming generations and stressing compliance with “not leaving anyone behind.”

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