Localizing the SDGs

Localizing the SDGs
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Local2030: Localizing the SDGs is a network and platform that supports the on-the-ground delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on those furthest behinds. It is a convergence point between local and regional governments and their associations, national governments, businesses, community-based organizations and other local actors, and the United Nations system. Local2030 supports local leaders in collaboratively incubating and sharing solutions, unlocking bottlenecks and implementing strategies that advance the SDGs at the local level.

Via this online platform, Local2030 partners are sharing tools, experiences, new solutions and guides to support SDG localization. A core feature is the toolbox, which contains a range of concrete, practical and adaptable mechanisms and instruments that support the development, implementation, monitoring and review of locally appropriate SDG actions.

The UNDP, UN-Habitat & Global Task Force have initiated this toolbox and library.

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